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Technology as a friend of mine do say is the pen with which the future will be written, but maybe not only the future will be, the world we live today is painted in the colours of different technologies, From Automobiles, Mobile phones and gadgets, TVs to 3d printers and a host of other age defining technologies. we’ve seen a lot of new technologies which amaze the world like the 3d printing….but that is just the beginning because these technologies are around the corner and if you stay alive enough, you’d live to see them.


1. Instant charging


There was a time when it’d take 5hrs to fully charge a mobile phone, but thanks to fast charging some phones can do it now in an hour. But is that actually fast? Why not instant charging? Well in November 2017 Samsung announced a groundbreaking technology advancement on mobile phone which you’d be able to charge your phone fully in 10 minutes, but that is just the beginning , as …..said and very soon you’d fully charge your phone in seconds, just don’t live too fast.


2. Who needs fuel, urine can do it

Maybe this is even old news considering the technology was discovered last year but the fact engines running these technology is not yet on the market scale, the world is still waiting for its dawn. In Nigeria Four teenage girls figured out a way to use a liter of urine as fuel to get six hours of electricity from their generator. Fourteen-year-olds Duro-Aina Adebola, Akindele Abiola, and Faleke Oluwatoyin, and 15-year-old Bello Eniola displayed this invention at Maker Faire Africa in Lagos, Nigeria, an annual event meant to showcase ingenuity. Imagine generators, heavy grinders and all fueled machines being powered by urine. Well I tell you, urine will be sold in the nearest future. Funny right


3. Cars will fly?



If you are a big fan of movies I bet you’ve seen this movies showing the world tomorrow, always ignored as one of those fictions. But the maturity of drone technology, advent of autonomous vehicles and giant strides made in AI, I believe we will see first applications of flying vehicles for recreational activities in the next few years. Some big companies are actively involved in building a future flying car. The majority of these companies are based in the United States, however, there are participants from a host of other countries including the UK, France, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Israel, Russia and Japan. Companies such as PAL-V , Terrafugia, Aeromobil ,
Ehang , E-Volo , Urban Aeronautics , Kitty Hawk and Lilium Aviation , have completed at least one test flight of their flying car prototypes. PAL-V has gone a step further and initiated the pre-sales of its Liberty Pioneer model flying car, which the company aims to deliver by the end 2018. Now you see the fictions are getting real, calm down and don’t live too fast like I said.


4. Electric cars? The birth of Tesla and competitors



Electric engines rather than fueled engines is something governments have been investing on massively, not only does it saves costs, it’s climate friendly, less pollution and more control.
Tesla, a company working on this was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers who wanted to prove that people didn’t need to compromise to drive electric engines, that electric vehicles can be better, quicker and more fun to drive than gasoline cars. Today, Tesla builds not only all-electric vehicles but also infinitely scalable clean energy generation and storage products. Tesla believes the faster the world stops relying on fossil fuels and moves towards a zero-emission future, the better.
Launched in 2008 and has gone through different upgrades that even governments and other companies are gearing up for the electric future..


5. Humans will grace the stars


Truly humans have been to the stars, lived on the moon , and even landed on foreign planets but the populace had never ventured into space living and habitation, which I tell you will happen soon. Neil Alden Armstrong was an American astronaut and the first person to walk on the Moon but he won’t be the last as history has already made sure of that. In 2016 the National Aeronautics and Space Administration agency (NASA) announced a program to help through habitation and mass transit to space.
NASA selected six U.S. companies to help advance the Journey to Mars by developing ground prototypes and concepts for deep space habitats.
Through the public-private partnerships enabled by the Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships-2 (NextSTEP-2) Broad Agency Announcement, NASA and industry partners will expand commercial development of space in low-Earth orbit while also improving deep space exploration capabilities to support more extensive human spaceflight missions.
Habitation systems provide a safe place for humans to live as we move beyond Earth on our Journey to Mars.
Like I said the future is here. Just don’t live too fast.



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